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The 4D Church takes a critical and inspirational look at four aspects of 21st century church ministry: Technology, Hospitality, Worship, and Systems. Each of these aspects is key for developing vital churches and healthy church leaders. The author uses real life lessons from the 11-year journey of Impact Church, which is currently #5 out of the 100 fastest growing United Methodist congregations in the United States, and examples from churches and the market place, to inform, equip, and inspire the reader. 

The 4D Church offers:

  • A diagnostic tool in each chapter to determine the current health and status of the reader’s church
  • Real time inspiration from practitioners who are experiencing health and growth.
  • Guidance for readers to discern their level of fitness for their church assignment—is the leader/reader
  • well-matched, or mismatched?
  • Guidance for readers to determine if their church has reached a point of irreversible decline.